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Richard Austin & Associates, Inc.


In today’s competitive and economically unpredictable environment, the need to adopt a flexible business model is greater than ever. In this context, managers are facing dual pressures:

1) To provide products or services as quickly as possible in response to expectations,

2) To optimize the organization in order to resolve process constraints.

Companies have to structure themselves along value chains and enhance workflow between internal and external activities.

We can help

With 25 years business consulting and leadership experience, Richard Austin & Associates, Inc., has an extensive track record of successes in maximizing operational effectiveness, increasing business profitability and ensuring return on investments.

Our services

Business Process Improvement - identifying and evaluating business process critical success factors and key performance metrics for organizational improvement.

Business Transformation - identifying opportunities for service improvement and streamlining workflow processes.

Change Management - developing practical, solution-oriented action plans.

Project Management - ensuring successful delivery of projects in complex environments.

Business Analysis and Planning - facilitating stakeholders and motivating teams to achieve desired outcomes.

Technology Assessment - bridging business and technology gaps to maximize productivity and organizational effectiveness.